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Our technology is used by the world’s top hotels, restaurant chains, home-services etc. with more than a 98% success rate to get your ratings above 4 stars faster than any other solution.  

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Using FTC guidelines, our algorithm unarms these platforms by using their own regulations against them with software technology that detects violations such as spam, abusive language and unverified profiles.


Our around the clock support has worked diligently to help thousands of businesses in multiple industries. Be it hotels, restaurant chains, or anything with online presence, we can remove over 80% of their negative reviews. 


We’re so confident in these numbers that we are providing you with a no obligation, affordable 30 day trial to use this technology along with our subscription. 

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Let us know when is a good time to discuss the thriving of your business, and I will personally make sure that you are above 4.5 stars within weeks. 

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 When you comment/flag one of these negative reviews, it legitimizes them and cements them onto your Yelp. Renesent, however, has the technology to remove these reviews as well as the ones who post them.