Our Artificial Intelligence Software specialty is to provide exceptional customer service

with execution of our clients unsolved tickets, customer issues, and real-time answers to any pre-set questions your organization normally has to contemplate with using live-chat that is embedded on your company website, or iOS / Android application. Our Propriotery software also, responds to any email or phone calls your organization is receiving. Software recruits and screens the talent that would represent your company, and will correspond with your custom scripts, and operation. 

**Estimated ROI: 2-7 Weeks
License length: One month



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We assign a dedicated phone line, forwarding email and chat to your site, which will all be recorded, tracked and directed to our customer service support team. You receive weekly reports with phone, chats, and emails conversation and communications with your clientele. You will receive weekly detailed conversion report on tracking leads, and sales that are in your pipeline. All communications are recorded, and submitted to you upon request. We provide the due diligence in seeking out the right leads, we contact them to make sure they are interested in your service. We either transfer the calls, set up the appointments, or make sure to 



Our Customer Success Team will provide you 24/7 updates, and estimates as progress has been made daily. Our facilities and our 100 seat office in Mumbai, India, along with 85 seat call center in Manila Philippines to provide a second to none, fully equipped call center with the greatest local talented hard working and able employees to support your clientele with calls, emails, or chats, and ensure your business runs smooth throughout any season or business economy.

Ideal Software to Delete negative Reviews and Boost positives


Get Positive Reviews

Software that will help you to get more Marketing Leads by getting more positive Reviews to grow your business. 

Remove Bad Reviews

We remove your negative reviews in Real Time that will help you to boost Online Reputation

Track all figures of customers

Find out what the customers & competitors are saying and thinking about you!

Delete negative Complaints

Our software is excellent to remove negative Complaints that we will Boost your online reputation

How It Works ?

SETUP your Account in Seconds

By just putting your necessary information setup account in seconds.

Find Marketing and Sales Leads

By boosting your Positive reviews and delete Negative ones, find great Marketing and Sales opportunities in real time. Customers trust on online reviews more than what you say.

Find What people saying About your brand

Discover what your customers are saying about your brand on the Internet because online Feedback of customers can kill or Earn more traffic.

Remove embarrassing auto suggest from GOOGLE

Embarrassing auto-suggests next to your name, brand, service etc.  Our software helps you to remove all such negative autocomplete from Google search

What our customers say about us?

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