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To end up an industry pioneer, you have to know your opposition all around. Algorip is the main feedback platform that furnishes you with continuous access to your rivals’ client insights so you don’t simply know your opposition, you remain ten stages in front of them.

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Assess your industry positioning


Your rivals’ reviews from many review destinations and social platforms are going through our restrictive Natural Language Processing (NLP) calculation so you can get constantly focused insights and find chances to catch a piece of the pie.

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Where are you winning?


Think about assumption for items and administrations against industry pioneers at a national, provincial, or neighborhood level.


Break down relative execution against your rivals in light of altered achievement measurements. Distinguish general business topics, at that point penetrate into assessment drivers and client verbatim encompassing each topic, and track trends after some time. .

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Learn. Make Strides. Rehash.


Your rivals’ clients are you are in all likelihood prospects. Comprehend your rivals’ qualities and shortcomings to help drive promoting messages and deals endeavors. Create all inclusive prescribed procedures and remain on the ball in each viewpoint to transform your rivals’ clients into yours.

Move past speculations and last quarter’s figures—beat the opposition utilizing their own particular client insights. Progressively.

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