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Although online feedback gives such tremendous measures of information, this information is scattered crosswise over many sources and takes different structures, influencing root to make inconceivable decide – as of not long ago.


Algorip cracks the algorithms of unstructured feedback from review locales, social media, and surveys, and shares noteworthy knowledge over your whole organization.

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tenant satisfaction with real
-time review monitoring

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Constant business examination


The Algorip stage scales a great many areas continuously, and Algorip’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) motor, Algo, refines huge information so you can comprehend the opinions communicated in feedback — both all inclusive and area particular.

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Layers of insights


Algorip structures insights in 3 levels: Business drivers, slant drivers, and client verbatims. Insights are intended to goad definitive activity from administrators down to the cutting edges. Class examination tells an eatery that its sustenance has negative assessment. Burrowing further, the eatery finds a surge in negative notices for “pizza”.

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Drive change and development


Initiate client insights found in all wellsprings of feedback and let the voice of the client control extensive choices. Measure ROI by following how conclusion trends advance crosswise over eras, areas, and items.

Algorip refines enormous information so you can comprehend the conclusions communicated in feedback and make unequivocal move

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