Get More Customers with Algorip's Customer Survey Solutions

Customize your surveys

Taking the hassle out of managing customer feedback, get a comprehensive overview with our AI survey tool. Customize your questionnaires for each audience so you can learn what matters most to them and use that knowledge to improve their experience!

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Customer Survey Solutions
Customer Survey Solutions

Send surveys and promote your company

Assign personalized, effortless, automated survey links to every customer right after they complete their purchase.

Advanced integration

  • - CRM.
    - Multi-channel support.
    - Actionable insights.

Interactive Tools

  • - Customer segmentation.
    - Constant notification.
    - Social media sharing.

Marketing automation

  • - Personalized survey link.
    - Immediate survey request.
    - Follow up alerts.
Customer Survey Solutions

Immediate responses

Customer Survey Solutions

Immediate responses

Thousands of businesses trust Algorip

Customer Survey Solutions
Customer Survey Solutions

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Customers are loving Algorip

Simple and easy to use dashboard where you can track everything and has helped me increased my brand reach and they even optimised my profile where I have started receiving positive and 5 star reviews ratings from my customers. Loved their team follow up

- James K. Herdon

Used this software for 6 months as that is their starting subscription and I have got it renewed because I can see the difference they created for my business. Loved heir 24/7 site monitor feature where I could keep an eye on every activity that was taking place across my profiles

- Richard J. Brown

There is nothing to dislike according to me because it fulfills all your needs that a business requires

- Alyssa C. Halloway