What do customers have to say about you?


Where are these conversations happening? Are these conversations having an impact on your revenue? How can you monitor this impact? Algorip tells you what customers are saying about you across 300+ third party sites, then use this helpful information to engage precisely with your customers to solve problems

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Keep and eye on your reviews all

in one place


One broad dashboard displays all your customer feedback from 300+ sites in real-time and sends you real-time text messages or email notification every time a review is posted for your business. Filter these notifications by source and star rating so you’re only alerted about reviews
you find most important.

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Customized Dashboard


You screen your whole organization’s audits, area supervisors screen their branch’s surveys.


Benchmark audit volume and appraisals crosswise over areas to ensure client encounter is reliably exceptional all over

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Take studious action on customer feedback


React to your clients continuously, specifically from your review feed. Your responses are consequently posted on outside sites from within the platform.


Remain associated with your clients, increment issue reaction speed, and utilize bits of knowledge to drive choices.

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Stay connected to your customers, increase issue response speed, and use insights to drive decisions.

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